Jackson Heights 220V Appliances Stores

Liitle India market in Jackson Heights spspreading from 72nd St to 75th St between 37th Ave and Broadway is home to a variety of Indian appliance stores.

These Indian appliances stores peddle various 220v electronic products that work without special adapters even in India.

Variation in electric wall sockets and voltages between India and in the U.S. (220V in India vs 110V in U.S.) often causes some degree of irritation for appliance buyers.

A major advantage of buying electronic gifts for your loved ones in India from these Jackson Heights Indian appliances stores is they will work fine without any issues.

Besides the 220V electronic appliances, some of these stores even sell Indian rice cookers, gaskets, pressure nozzles, wet grinders, blenders, luggage items and blood pressure monitors as well.

  • Asli Sona Appliances
    37-42 74th St
    Jackson Heights, NY 11372
    Ph: 718-424-4676
  • Khan Appliances
    73-08 37th Ave
    Jackson Heights, NY 11372
    Ph: 718-533-1729