Eagle Theatre in Jackson Heights

Before its demolition and reincarnation as a depressingly bad food-court, Eagle Theatre at 73-07 on 37th Rd used to screen Bollywood movies in Jackson Heights.

There was no need to go all the way to AMC 25 on W.42nd St in Manhattan to catch a Bollywood movie.

Whether it was Shahrukh Khan's Veer Zaara, Main Ho Naa or other Hindi movies, they all used to release in Eagle theatre.

eagle theatre on 37th road in jackson heights
Eagle Theatre in Jackson Heights

Make no mistake!

Eagle theatre had a hopelessly dingy appearance that dissuaded even die-hard Bollywood fans from entering its portals.

As you entered the theatre, there were movie posters on the wall and the box office behind it.

eagle theatre entrance jackson heights
Eagle Theatre Entrance

I have never watched a movie at Eagle theatre.

On one occasion, sometime in 2004 when Shah Rukh Khan's Main Hoon Naa was playing, I entered the theatre with plans to see the film. But the dingy passage leading to the movie halls put me off and I decided against watching a movie there for fear of being bitten by mice and cockroaches.

The Bollywood strike a couple of years back sounded the death-knell for Eagle theatre.

It was demolished and a Bangladeshi food court rose in its place in 2012.

Eagle Theatre - Now a Food Court
Following the demolition of Eagle theatre, a food court has come up in its place.

jackson heights food court
Jackson Heights Food Court

The Jackson Heights Food Court serves Bangladeshi and Nepali food.

Behind the food court, there is a South Asian grocery store.

Bollywood Movies in Jackson Heights
Jackson Heights Cinema located at 40-31 82nd Street in Jackson Heights, NY 11373 occasionally screens Bollywood Hindi movies.

If you are an avid watcher of Hindi movies, your best bet would be to head to either Garden City (AMC Loews Roosevelt Field 8) or Farmingdale (Farmingdale Multiplex) in Long Island or Times Square in NYC (AMC Empire 25).