Mumbai Grill Jackson Heights Review

Mumbai Grill
37-33 74th St
Jackson Heights, NY 11372

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mumbai grill 74th st

Mumbai Grill Review: Crappy Indian Food, Polite Service

Given my fondness for Indian food, a visit to Mumbai Grill on 74th St in Jackson Heights (Queens) was inevitable.

Mumbai Grill, a Jackson Heights newbie, replaced that horrid Indian restaurant Delhi Palace a few months back.

So when I visited Jackson Heights recently, I made time for Mumbai Grill.

In retrospect, it was a bad move and just not worth the effort.

For much of the curries I tasted at Mumbai Grill belonged in the crappy or tasteless category.

Mumbai Grill Ambience
As I walked into Mumbai Grill around noon, the dining hall was empty except for some waitstaff.

A waiter with Nepali features greeted me with a smile and quickly showed me to a table.

Not bad, I told myself, since waiters in Indian restaurants often sport a mournful mien as if they have just lost a loved one.

As I was settling down, a Bangladeshi waitress came and filled my water glass.

The restaurant's floor was clean and the silver neatly placed on top of napkins.

No issues where table cleanliness is concerned.

However, what irritated me a lot were the flies hovering around the table.

Crappy Appetizers
During my visit to Mumbai Grill, I let my palate graze over a variety of items, both vegetarian and meat.

Here's my takke on them:

mumbai grill appetizers
Tawa Chicken (top left), Dal Vada (top right)
Coconut Chutney (middle right), Utappam (bottom)

mumbai grill masala dosa
Awful Masala Dosa

Lousy Sides
mumbai grill green chutney
Green Chutney
Vegetarian Curries
What disappointed me a lot at Mumbai Grill was that there were no standout dishes among the vegetarian curries.

Be it the humble Alu Gobi or Mushroom Saag or Panner Burjee or Bhindi Do Piazza, they were all either bad or horrible.
mumbai grill alu gobi
Alu Gobi (middle left) Paneer Burjee (middle right),
Mushroom Saag (bottom)Naan Bread (top)

mumbai grill okra curry
Bhindi Do Piazza (right)

mumbai grill curries
Channa Dal (top), Veg Hakka Noodles (left) Rice (right)

Hakka Noodles, Basmati Rice, Naan Bread
Mumbai Grill Chicken Items
mumbai grill chicken items
Chicken Kofta (top), Chicken Biryani (bottom left)

mumbai grill curries
Chicken Makhani (bottom)

Of the three desserts I tried, Fruit Custard was the best. Not that it was heavenly but it was better than the Gulab Jamun.
mumbai grill desserts
Fruit Custard

mumbai grill gulab jamun
Gulab Jamun

The sole saving grace of my meal at Mumbai Grill was the friendly and polite service.

I was greeted with a smile and quickly shown to a table. My water glasses were refilled without prompting and the used plates removed after checking with me.

I also liked the fact that there is a clear notice near the buffet table asking diners to use fresh plates for each visit.

Also, there was a waiter attentively standing near the buffet to answer any questions about the curries.

While I was pleased with the service, the hovering flies near my table got my goat.

Mumbai Grill Rating - Just Not Worth It
Much of the vegetarian and chicken curries I tried at Mumbai Grill turned out to be crappy and below average.

I would not recommend Mumbai Grill as a destination for good Indian food.

If Mumbai Grill continues serving the kind of crappy food inflicted upon me, it won't be long before the shutters come down, permanently. - ©

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