Rajbhog Jackson Heights Review

72-27 37th Avenue
Jackson Heights, NY 11372

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Rajbhog Jackson Heights Review: Not Worth It

If there is one restaurant that is worth skipping during a visit to the Jackson Heights Indian market in NYC, it is Rajbhog Sweets on 37th Avenue.

You see Rajbhog not only offers mediocre food, but its ambiance is also filthy and unhygienic with large houseflies having a free jolly ride on the tables, on the food and on the chairs.

Besides the hovering houseflies, there was no hand wash facility or restroom for diners at Rajbhog in Jackson Heights during our recent visit. The restaurant was in a disarray with a partially demolished handwash and toilet.

Also though there is no sign specifying cash only for below $20 transactions, the lady at the cash counter kept parroting that she wouldn't take credit cards.

As we made our way in around 3:00 p.m., Rajbhog Sweets was near empty except for two diners biting into their Samosas. We quickly walked upto the cash counter cum food counter and placed our order looking at the huge menu board.

Besides sweets, Rajbhog offers a variety of Chaat, platters, appetizers and hot and cold beverages.

Given our fondness for Samosa Chaat, we quickly ordered Samosa Chaat ($4.99), a Small Vegetable Platter ($4.45), a plate of Onion Pakora ($2.99) and Masala Chai ($1.50).

Our order was ready within six minutes and we picked it up from the counter as Rajbhog is a self serve restaurant.

Awful Samosa Chaat
To describe the Samosa Chaat that was handed to us in a disposable paper plate as awful is to be very charitable.

You see there were multiple issues with Rajbhog's Samosa Chaat.

Rajbhog Jackson Heights Samosa Chaat
Horrid Samosa Chaat

We had informed the lady who took our order to make our Samosa Chaat spicy. But what landed on our table was anything but spicy. Further, the Samosa was not fried properly. What made matters worse was that the Samosa had a raw flour taste and the potato filling inside tasted like garam masala paste.


Rajbhog's Samosa Chaat was so bad that we had no choice but leave most of it and move on to other items of our order.

Rubbery Onion Pakora
Onion Pakora included just five pieces of Pakora without any side chutney or sauce.

Pakoras were cold with a rubbery texture suggesting that they were not fresh.


Small Vegetable Platter
Our order of Small Vegetable Platter included two vegetables - Mixed Vegetable Curry, Kadi and one Paratha.

Paratha was soft, hot and nice. Kadi was medium thick without any vegetables but had some pakoras. Kadi was flavorful and we enjoyed it with the soft Paratha.

Mixed Vegetable Curry - a mèlange of Lima Beans, French Beans, Carrot, Corn, Capsicum - was sour with a generous amount of red chilli powder floating on top.

Rajbhog Jackson Heights Vegetable  Platter
Small Vegetable Platter

If a restaurant can't turn out a decent Mixed Vegetable Curry (one of the most simplest of curries), it has no business being in business.

No, we did not try Rajbhog sweets though we initially planned to buy an assorted pound for our late night desserts. The unattractive look of the sweets, dingy atmosphere of the restaurant and hovering house flies changed our mind.

Good Masala Chai Masala Chai came piping hot and had a nice aroma of spices and we enjoyed it throughly.

Rajbhog Rating
Raj Bhog's Owner/Manager was too busy arguing loudly with a Verizon employee over some phone problems and later playing with his iPhone 4 to pay any attention to diners.

All in all, we would not recommend Rajbhog Sweets in Jackson Heights in view of hovering houseflies, medicore food and lack of even basic things like hand wash facility and toilet. - © DesiJacksonHeights.com

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